Golden Horde and Sand Wyrm

The brown Golden Horde. A small collection of trinkets and gold bars will be added. The Haradrim Chieftain is shown for size comparison. The Golden Horde's size isn't told in the WotR rulebook; it just says "token". So, I didn't go overboard like a TLA-powergamer, but instead went the reasonable way: A token.

I primed the Sand Wyrm black and thought it looked really nice so I'm wondering if it not will be better suited for the gobbo army. But then again, I've got a Dragon of Ancient Times (homemade), a Balrog (not assembled due to space limitations), two Cave trolls and a homemade Cave Drake (that needs some serious work and a new base), so maybe the Sand Wyrm will stay a Sand Wyrm. I have experimented with some yellow to make it look more like a bee(?).

Lastly, the package from Perry Miniatures finally arrived.

I am very pleased with the Perry Miniatures, once again. There were a few failcasts here and there, but with the price and the excellent design of these historical figures, there's nothing to really complain about. Au contraire... The Korean horse-archers were top-knotch. They are painted and now I've got eight Khandish Horsemen. They were well suited to be mixed in with those, both size-wise and especially quality-wise.

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