Llama warns about high prices!

Thanks to mr FoB for bringing this to my attention. Since I rarely visit news-and-rumour-forums I had totally missed it and acutally thought that GeeDubb had lowered their prices. No, they hadn't. I was this...

... close to order a bunch of stuff from their webshop. Thanks to mr FoB, from now on known as Arvedui (geekpoints there), I was forewarned and saw that the so-called price-lowering was actually a quite aggressive rise, especially in the currency I shop with! There is now just one sprue in every box!

Considering what state their plastic injection moulds seems to be (shit, when looking at the WoMT-sprues I just recently got, it looks like they're falling apart - the mould lines had started a life of their own, you'll see in the upcoming project I got, not much left of each warrior because of all the filing... ), I guess this is the right way to go to save the sprues, hahaha! No risk I would ever buy something from no on. Sad thing is though, this puts the probability that they aren't ever going to redo any of the old plastics ever again to a very high risk. One can only hope for the Hobbit to come to the rescue.

And something to cheer us all up: A young, probably rather stupid Llama, with his writing-feather ready.

PS, look further down for a better update about Orc conversions.

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