Knights of Dol Amroth

There's been a lot of bad guys on the blog lately - even Vic from the Shield - so there's definitely time for some good guys.

There's a guy on a kataphract horse in this bunch, try to find him. Painted the horse armour (it is not barding) silver...

As one can see, there's only six true Knights of Dol Amroth (KoDA), the other half of the dozen are regular KoMT:s with shields taken from Foot Knights of Dol Amroth (ugly warriors, those are - turned the lot into WoMT:s instead, painted black and put in one of the back companies) and two copies made by pressing Super Sculpey into a White Sculpey press-mould.

The idea is that each true knight has a Sergeant with him, like the guys who did the crusades, forgot their names - a certain Norwegian lunatic claims to have ties to this old group... what's their name again... I think Kingdom of Heaven featured these Euroknights IIRC. Anyway, that's it for the weekend, tomorrow's a big day, so I'll see you (well... ) in a few days, good readers. Good night.

Oh, almost forgot, the kataphract horse is to show that they fight in the south of Middle-Earth. Captured horse etc, really didn't want to go any further with that, it's just a little nod.

PS2) Templars! Templars, they were called. So, I normally put one knight and one sergeant on each company tray, that way it is easier to see what they actually are rules-wise.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Found the semi-kataphract: He's on the far left in the front rank.

    They look brilliant.

  2. Indeed! Far left it is :) Cheers, mate!

    One thing bothers me with them though, the seem between the two parts of the KoDA-horses, I should probably have GS:d them.