DIY Hauling Beast

I said I liked one of the new releases very much. I won't pay that much money for it though, so I did something better, I tried to make my own. And this is what I learned: I will never be a good sculptor unless I start to copy well executed works. The design; the pose, capturing some sort of movement; and then trying to make that with your little tools and your stupid chewing-gum putty. Too much. So I will now just copy until I can start to stray away little by little from the original and try to get better and actually learn something from my mistakes instead of what always happens: Failing with legs. Failure again, but this time I learnt something.

I figured the GeeDubb Hauling Beast looked too much of a turtle (or is it tortoises that have those beeky faces?) in the face and too much of an elephant in the body. So, I copied the general pose of the official one, but made it more like a pig and a certain dog breed I can't remember the name of. The face got smaller and more toned down.

The result? It looks too much of a grazer, but it has a too short neck to actually be such a creature. The teeth will make it look better. I hope. The body is just a pig and a cow-mixture, but still, quite pleased with the three hours of work. Did a shortcut with the polystyrene pre-body (instead of a proper armature) - never tried to harden super sculpey with that under. It melted, as expected but it held the shape anyways! Much happiness in the Llama-building.

The missing pieces, toe/claw-parts mainly (and the eyes!) will be done in green stuff.

Do you like the red thingies I painted on the pictures? Those are for my enjoyment and learning :)

Didn't e-bob make Hauling Beasts? And I am quite sure I have seen Hauling Beasts in a White Dwarf Siege of Gondor-article... but they looked slightly larger than the new release with the Howdah. And speaking of Howdas! That's something that'll be great fun to try to do!

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  1. This might just look good when its done! So far I'm really liking it. But wouldn't these guys be gracing animals? Or are they omnivores that eat whatever they stumble across?

    Will you do more on the texture of the body?

    Make another version and moulds and cast an entire herd! I want a few.


  2. Omnivores! That's the stuff!

    More texture, yes, thanks to your feedback.

    Casting can actually be done if I'm happy enough.