Scorpion Swarms ready for Haradrim Super Army

A somewhat extravagant title for this blogpost, but there you have it.

The bases are done and they's was a hazzle to do. I recon the rest of the bases (themed, mentioned earlier in this blog, if anyone is interested) will take me at least seven months before the first casts are done. Mainly because I will have to order RTV-silicone for the moulds. Super sculpey moulds just don't cut it. The models below were pirated - yeah, I said it: PIRATED - by the help of RTV-silicone and they were easy to cast in comparison to this (expectedly) easy project... Four measly bases, I got. Better than none, so no sourness here.

The bases below, bless their hearts, were - as mentioned before in case you'd forgotten it - cast in Super Sculpey shit-simple moulds(TM):

... which sums up how I thought before the casting-process. Shortcuts... (international readers, just put it in google-translate, lazy focks, this is what you get when no-one gave me info on the spiders in the former post)

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