Helmingas for War of the Ring

Post is called "Helmingas for War of the Ring" for a reason: They aren't distinct enough to be used for a Strategy Battle Game (SBG). Yes, yes, that was done with purpose, but I do regret that a tiny little bit, the bases at least should have gotten some slates or something to make them look a bit larger or something. Well, at least they're done and photographed! Hooray for sunlight!

Left image: "Sunlight" in front of camera. Right image: Flash. Never use flash when taking pictures of miniatures.

Grass will be added and a lot of tidying up will have to happen, but now they are tabletop ready.

These were primed white, then metallics added, then very diluted browns - about 55-60% water and some soap. After that green was added in the same diluted proportions.

Painted the faces in Elf Flesh (only Citadel colours were used in this project) and then the magic happened: I became tired of it all and just started to splishy-splash some leftover greens and browns with like 75% water and it started to look okay. Let it dry, went away over christmas and added a darker splishy-splash and suddenly they looked a billion gazillion better than the old Rohans I spend two years painting here and there.

Have a happy weekend!

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