Mahdist Ansar made into Mahud Warriors

I think it is time for me to reiterate this: The jaowsblog is MAINLY about ongoing projects, it is generally not about the finished model in all it's tiny perfection. Which is why it is all DIY:s, BYO:s and DUI:s here. And especially since I don't care much to paint to perfection. Alors, voila:

I won't bother getting the blowpipe-guys any more gear, they'll keep the look just-going-to-war-with-a-stick, for a few years until I decide to redo them.

No time to comment further, except the usual: Bases not ready, movement trays will get the same treatment as the Golden King etc.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice idea. I have a small unit of Mahuds because they are expensive. But now, I think I will follow your example and make a huge army of them!!!

  2. They are indeed expensive. I replaced my Haradrim Mûmak crew with the original white metal Mahûds and instead went this way for the regular warband. Never will I buy the white-metals again - though, they are very nice sculpts. But Perry's are better :)

    Let me see the huge army when it is finished, sometime in 2013? Always good to give yourself a lot of time for a project ;)

    BTW, haven't been able to comment back on your blog, there's been problems with the commenting, but now it obv. seems to work