Orcs on howdah, new release

My thanks to the finder of these two images. They came to Llama's War of the Ring blog via FoB, who in turn found them on frothers (ah, the explanation of the name of that website just cracks me up) where they were initially just linking to images from dakkadakka. So, that's the history of the following images:

Howda Orcs. I'm looooving it. The price, somewhere between 45 and 60 GBPs, isn't an issue to me since I can just steal it in my extremely low-staffed quasi-GW-store. If I weren't a crazy thief I would say: Darn it, that's one expensive piece of failcast.

I really like the model and paintjob, but somehow it reminds me of WC3:s "Orc drummer on rhino-looking-creature"...

Kraken, or Watcher in the Water. The GeeDubb design is interesting on this one. They definitely took an unusal route with the body. I have seen some nice designs of this squid/ancient cthulu monster, but never have the sculptors creativity taken them down this road. The front part looks classic, but the back is unusual.

Another monster for Misty Mountains? Or just a generic monster to ally in in any darkly aligned faction? Or will we see a whole new faction for WotR or a totally new sub-system for said system, a BoFA-system in 28mm? One cannot know.

The Skulltower from GeeDubb have caught some flak ("flak", as the Podhammer-crew used to say when they were still podcasting), and rightly so:

silent25, waiting for app wrote [in regards of images of another Skull-littered towered from GW]:
Can we get a freaking peasant's house out of this company?

A nottinghamer answered:

Depends, how many skulls do you want on it?

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