Mould making link

This ugly cone will be posted with every new entry here on the War of the Ring blog until I get my crap out of my whatever and get a new layout.

So, back to the actual business. Mr FoB gave me an AWESOME link on moulding, why oh why haven't I done this simple stuff? There are reasons (like multipart moulds) but when just doing something simple, like the lion I one day will finish, it is a perfect tutorial:


The other link, also provided by mr FoB (check out his historical miniatures' blog -->) seems nice as well:


Also found a nice blog - Rough War (of the Ring) - with many long and sometimes short articles + battlereports on War of the Ring. Link will be posted on the side in the near future.

And lastly, does anyone know where this extremely well built table is to be found. It doesn't look like a gaming table per se, more of a diorama.

I can see riot fences in the background of one of the pictures... does this imply it stands somewhere in Nottingham?

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  1. Oh, come on lazy bastards, comment and say where it is... is it in f*cking N*ttingh*m or not?