War of the Ring - The WoMT project

I smartly photoshopped away the unpleasant oily skin that was floating on top of my top-knotch coffee from von Lidl. The coffee represents work.

It has been stated a billion times before, and I say it again: Too much work. So, the jaowsblog will do what it is best at: Posting some crap. In upcoming projects there is the Warrior of Minas Tirith Command project or WoMTCmnd. I've always liked this...

... little miniature made by someone at GW, for LotR Strategy Battle Game - more exactly a mini game called Battlehosts, I think, where you each got a litte bunch of fighters and could level-up the captains etc. Anyway, this guy got me thinking: Why not make a bunch of command models, except the regular ones? Like how 40k has their different IG HQ-models - they all look uniform and more or less the same, but with small alterations they represent many different things.

I think Warriors of Minas Tirith is perfect for this - in theory - practically they are small when compared to other models from the range, they are one-pose and not that easy to modify, but I'll give it a go. Haven't really planned anything except the Mapper...

I am off to work to order around the twenty or so young women that are employed for the christmas month. How my bosses could let me in charge of these women/girls is a mystery, I'm as kewl as the popped-collar guy below, and there will be little work and lots of "hey, whatcha doing girl... ?" and "... call heaven, because they've lost an angel, and that's me... "

He looks like a young Stringfellow Hawke.

EDIT: It will of course not be anything like Strinfellow Hawke, I am strictly proffessional and will probably be known as the Angry One by the newcomers. And sorry about the demotivational, I just found a bunch of them and... well...

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