Games of WotR played in 2012

I have now played a game of WotR. Just 99 to go.

Reading for the language-impaired:
"I won!"
*Guy shooting himself*

In other news, I stopped my plans of doing a Carroccio, because mr FoB did it himself. And a good one, at that, it seems:

Flower of Battle Carroccio

In other news (again) I have been thinking(!): Currently, there are thousands of different kewl monsters for the dark side in WotR, but very few for the good guys. So I am brainstorming some things regarding this issue. I will spare my Gondor army from these abominations, though, but it surely needs a centerpiece:

This is a trebuchet I found on an island.

Bathing time. It is, after all, lörgar-dagen or the Washing day, as you say in Westron.

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  1. Hi Llama, great Batrep and excellent pics.

    Oddly enough - I've been puzzling over the very same issue for my Gondor Army and really need to get around to some grand siege engines of my own. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.



  2. Haha, yep the batrep-text was lacking!

    Regarding the matter of the large models for the goodguys, I will take this free night of mine to read up some of the original texts of JRRT.

    I did find some interesting things from Legions of Middle-Earth, The Elf Catapult and chariot, that I had forgotten.

    Surely there are other creatures and machines of war suiting our purposes! I'll give the old interwebz a trawl as well.

    All the best from the Cold North!

  3. I think that the 'state of the art' for Gondor is going to be really Impressive Dol Amroth Cavalry - or some other fiefdom that you get creative with - and heavy artillery.

    I've been thinking I need to get around to converting up something like the Conquest plastic Knights to Dol Amroth Knights. Adding cloaks with modelling putty is apparently the simplest of the simples, according to all the internet modelling types. However, I am unsure - if I go down the road of actually modelling things properly, I might be violating my Blog's mission-statement? I might try it and just not do that well.

    Another project for the modelling queue

  4. Yes, the conquest plastics look good for many conversion projects. However, when it comes to Knights of Dol Amroth I think that the upcoming Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights would work well: http://www.fireforge-games.com/index.php.

    They have flowing robes on man and horse and the creasts could be modified to fit Dol Amroth.


  5. @Jamie: I have now searched for you mission statement but alas! Pointer please... But the idea is nice and it will perhaps better keep with the "normal" theme of Gondor, just regular warriors and mounted dittos.

    @FoB: ... and consider your design for the carroccio stolen EXACT to detail. I have already started collecting the different parts.

    I must say I like the fireforge knights better than the conquest ones. I didn't orkade to read the text, its late now, are they released yet? Or is it another "cliffhanger" (cliffhanger as in bored to death waiting) like with the spartans from whatever the company was called?

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  7. I am missing to use the normal English language... what I was trying to say was written in wrong language and now I see that i missed "orkade" - it has nothing to do with Orks from 40k, it means like "bothered with" i think. Good night, its been a long one