Great Beast of Gorgoroth, howdah continued

Howdah version two. The beast itself got a bigger head, a tad longer neck and some evening out of the skin. It's still rather crude. With a better base it'll look good.

I am having some minor technical difficulties, the picture should be uploaded within the hour... And there it is...

Anyway... the plans for the back of the beast and the howdah is to have four removable Orcs (which is why the howdah is slightly less slim than the original) and - here's where I want your input - perhaps two permanent Orcs, sitting on the back. What do you think?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Now we're talking -- definitely improved neck and head. The howda is looking good to. You could at least add one guy permanently close to the neck.

  2. Fänks.

    I think it needs an Orc close to the neck to hide the sloppy scupting. So the howdah looks fine? Good to hear. Upcoming update will be of the rusty howdah.

    Good night!