Sand Wyrm, soon finished

Old news, yes, but this is just a preview, it'll get its correct colours within the end of this week. Some sort of khaki/yellow/beige mixture.

I normally prime my projects to make it more easy to spot all the various misses and thumbprints and such. Because I will redo the face with smaller eyes and perhaps add some details and wrinkles, there is no good picture of the face.

I have been swamped with work - eleven hours, home for some sleep and then back to a thirteen hour workday. And now, some more crap to do. I guess there will be Llama-hobbying done on Friday this week, and then a little update. We'll see. Have a nice day, good people!

3 kommentarer:

  1. This is working out to be a nice model. I do wish you would do something more with the romboid scales. They look too much like they are just carved out with a knife -- too two-dimensional. If you could just round out the edges a bit so they look more 3d that might help.

    douch out

  2. Let's see if this works -- I have changed my username so it matches my blog so it feels better to log in.

  3. Ah, that's a great suggestion! I'll do that, I was lazy when I did the scales, and then I looked at it and was like "... eh... " but didn't knew how to save it, so to speak. consider it done

    Thanks for the login AND me winning the Gobbos vs Gondor! On walkover as well! Thats a win and a second game (technically speaking)