Men at Arms - faster than the speed of love

Perry Miniatures Men at Arms. Painted Faster than the speed of Love.

Probably as well painted as Brian Griffin's book is well written. The client can be pleased with the following information: Faces will be quickly shaded with some light green and the metals will be tidied up as well as all the white areas - not that you can see how messy they currently are.

The evening will be quiet (not quit, nor quite) with little hobby done, I am in a state of sicklyness. Suffering from burnt skin on various parts of my chest as well as a lost tooth! This is what happens when you work and work and work and don't hobby* enough. It's a hard world for us R-tards who pick fights with dentists and tanning salons.

Serious stuff on the blog, but I managed to get this update off - that's dedication. I think I'll ghostwrite the second novel in the series "Faster than... " now that I can't do much else than sit like a stick on a chair. I wish you a seriously suntanned weekend, dear readers!

*) The jaowsblog do NOT sanctionize the use of verbalization!

EDIT: Almost forgot to post this, another great batrep that totally kicks the ass of any WD battle report:

Isengard versus Mordor

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  1. I'm waiting for these :)

    What is the red colour called. I need to buy the same colour for my additions to your painting.

  2. The reds are highly diluted GW Blood Red on white primer. Three layers.