Homemade Goblins

Continuing my serious problems with hipjointed limbs, I present to you: The slaving Goblins of the Misty Mountains. They all have dislocated joints and extra-long arms from lifting stones in the caves.

Regardless, I am pleased with the three stooges - perhaps not so much with the poor fella who's... "flying"...

They all got their arms away from their bodies since they might get into the mould workshop. And no weapons yet, snagas don't have weapons, they have rocks and stick, I guess.

There is lot still do on them. Good day!

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is a fun idea. The guy on the left: If there is some way to draw in at least one of his arms towards his body, then that would be great. Otherwise you got some nice poses. The guy that's flying is perhaps not the one you want to make a mold off though..

    I guess you will work a bit more on these? Now, I wouldn't even try sculpting something this small but I don't have a problem handing out free advice: Please file the arms and the legs a bit so the muscles look smoother.

  2. This is strange. I answered this comment a while ago... What I said was: Yes, I will draw in the arm - it will break, for sure, but some putty'll fix it.

    Free advice is awesome :)