New page: Fillers

I will try to tidy up my own humble library of unit fillers and post it on a page on the blog. Other than that, no other news that haven't been thoroughly mangled on other blogs and forums.

In the future, this is what you can expect from Llama's War of the Ring-blog:

- A mini-article on Theming.
- More painted minis, it seems these are more interesting than just bare conversions - which I tend to like, since they are so promising and unspoilt. Pure (eew, going to far here). In the words of Eduard Lanteri: "A sketch promise everything, but achieves nothing."
- Updated army pictures. Mainly for my own satisfaction since they mostly are stored in boxes, safe from prying little fingers and observing eyes.
- More BS. It seems this more mature blog is boring me somewhat:

BS (Almost Famous "Feck you").

Oh, and Captain Chaos, I think the idea with the Men at Arms will turn out to something actually quite allright. Post will follow on this matter.

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