Great Beast of Gorgoroth redux

Just a small update on how the GBoG is faring:

One may say many things about realism within wargaming, and I say this: I did a little guesstimate on how much the howdah done for my Great Beast of Gorgoroth would weigh, Orcs included, and concluded it would weigh almost a metric tonne - the wood and rope structure alone would have been over 120 kg. Iron around 400 kg etc. Elephants can carry around 500 kg so I tried to stick with that and added a few extra kilogrammes since it is a fantasy creature AND it looks a bit more powerful than an Asian elephant. This means I need to loose a whole bunch of kilos from the howdah, which suits me well - the whole thing looked like "too much"* already.

By popular demand I cut off its head and am now replacing it with haste, since I am already bored by this project and want to finish it.

*) Bunny ears added for "clarity".

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the flesh.

    Unless you want 5-10 of these you don't really need to mould it. You could just sculpt another two and be done with it. Later on, if you decide you want an armade of these, you'd have three originals to make moulds from. But knowing you, these will probably be moulded.

  2. Haha! No, there will be no moulding done. I thought of the exact thing, doing another, but the shortage of space made me just redo it. I threw away the armature for the second one.