Men at Arms turned into Orcs!

You notice the exclamation mark after the headline? What an indulgement. First, bacon and egg, and then an exclamation mark...

Orcish weapons and a more rag-tag look will be applied on mentioned Men at Arms. These are mainly archers, methinks, from Perry Miniatures War of the Roses line. Someone will gladly correct me on this matter, should I be wrong.

Will be painted in Orc-related colours, have sparsly added iconography. Thinking of adding one or two OTT-objects, to overcompensate for their not-so-orcish stature and general looks. I will leave the bases alone, since I want them to cohere with the rest of my Orcs.

Currently doing eleven of these. Three for the GBoG and eight for a company. The heads are badly copied from Morannon Orcs and then tidied up with the help of a coarse sculpting tool.


1) The Warhammer Forum will move to another place and also get a little name change.

2) GW seems to concentrate on SBG (or a new equivalent system, who knows) in the future.


1) How do one change the font and text size on blogger?


1) Good bye.

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