DIY Hunter Orcs & paint on Radagast

As the title says...
    I have started to orcify the Men at Arms from Perry Minis. My plastic cement is going old and these tiny little threads of glue are all over them. I missed a major thing that I may or may not have planned: The guy in the middle of these three models I believe were supposed to draw an arrow... But he got a sword instead. Well, there you have.
    Their faces need some work and I shall have to shave off some green stuff some places and trim down a few of the plastic details that were added. Other than that, they are on the running of becoming Sweden's next Orc model.

And some dabbling in a picture-editing program:

At least I think it was some dabbling, but upon closer inspection, it seems these two images are two separate pictures.
Eyes on creatures are still reaaally tough to do... Hehehe, luckily... look at that little face...

Something more serious
My sincere gratitude to the, at the time civilian/"undercover", police officer of one of Stockholm's southern departments that shot and killed one robber in a gang of four known criminals. Most Swedes in my vincinity (all, in fact) are filled with gratitude towards this particular police officer that we now have at least one less criminal gone for good in a country sadly flooded with these idiots.

Some good news to start me up in my convalescence: A dead criminal.

Whoops, almost forgot the two links forgotten in an earlier post:

John Howe, illustrator of Middle-Earth (amongst other things).
A Moria diorama.

EDIT: Censored the body of the known criminal since this is a hobby blog and perhaps some young person might take offence, however pixly and undetailed it is.
      The whole mess is available to see anywhere on the web but I suggest you do not - not because of the presumably "offending" material, but rather the onlookers comments such as "why are the police shooting him" and "why are they [the police] doing this" - they should be happy that Swedes are protecting their neighbourhood since their own young men are too busy shooting at the police and robbing and beating the elderly... 

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  1. Interested to see how those orcs turn out and I love your Radagast and Sebastian :-)

    Yea , one less 'crim' on the streets - shoot them all I say - less money wasted on court procedures and keeping them warm, fed and watered in prison..., oh and oddly, less crime too! Funny that!? ;-)

    1. In regards to your opinion on "crims" I can only say: Hear, hear!

      Although I am not sure I can say it/type it that open myself yet - despite my experiences with these types of people - I am still very much a child of this culture of ours - I can think it though ;J

      - - -


      I would have thought he would have been harder to paint, but turns out he wasn't that much of a problem. Except the eyes then...

  2. Radagast looks very nice, and the orcs are coming along well.

  3. Thanks Max! The orcs are painted now, just got to touch them up and take a pic or two :)

    I got really sick but got my workmate who also is my neighbour (almost) to sneak the little parcel into the outgoing company mail! This was Wednesday so you'll get it soon.

    Llama 1 - Company 0.