Hunter Orc conversions

Two minor kit-bashes, rather. The Hunter Orcs look nice and are quite detailed. For some reason, I think these models would do well painted rather cheerfully. Not like Ronald McDonald, of course not, but more colourful than the Uruk or your generic orc from a Gorgoroth horde. The indian-look is prevalent, in my opinion. Opinions differ, what do you think of these models, dear reader? I am quite interested - if someone has a deeper analysis of these, let me know - for some reason these models have really stuck in my mind. There's something with them... not that they are that special as miniatures, it is just something... Or maybe it is the drugs talking, I don't know...

These two are in phase one of their construction. Parts:
- Body: Perry Miniatures Men at Arms. A surprisingly versatile kit - at least if you've got some other parts and bits and bobs to mix it up with.
- Arms: A mix of Immortal Miniatures Hoplites, Perry Miniatures as well as Perry Brothers' Mahdist Ansars.
- Heads: Partially thanks to Pablo El Marques (and also partly blaming him for corrupting my pure mind with Warhammer, heheheh) I got me a box of Daemonettes. Great sculpts - got me a whole slew of different conversion ideas.
- Wargear: From the old Warg Riders' sprue as well as a sword from Immortal Miniatures and some arrows from the Men at Arms (naturally also from Perry Miniatures).

Phase two will consist of orcying them up, putting some warg fangs and claws to their bodies; fix the faces so they look less female (they are now quite weak-chinned) and tidy up the necks.
     Phase three: Fix the arms and their weapons as they are now too sleek and tidy.

This gives me 12 models from the box (high price for few models, so I'll settled for just one box and will never ever buy another box of these, stupid GW - a slightly lower price and I'd bought four or five boxes - just look at the PM Ansars, got me three boxes and then added another!). However, with these conversions, I think I can meat it out to 16 models, and hence get me two companies for any badguy army for War of the Ring!

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  1. Very nice kitbashing, but the men at arms dress is too "civilized" and elegant for a orc! But you can solve it by painting.
    Daemonettes heads is very brillant idea!

  2. I promised to show you this Llama: On this page is some pictures of the upcoming models: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/420/487960.page. Check the latest pages in that thread as well. As I understand it people seem to believe that the elven cavalry will be a February release and that the eagles will be released earlier. But in a few hours the new White Dward is released with all the info.

    /Daniel, theflowerofbattle.com

  3. @Mr Sunzi: I agree with you on the Men at Arms being too civilized. I am currently trying to orcify them, but the tiny spikes on the original models are difficult to duplicate. I am thinking of drilling some holes and just stick tiny pieces of soft metal wire... We shall see!

    @Mr D of FoB: Thanks for the link duuude. The dwarves look great!

  4. A wishlist for you (in order of importance):

    Agrax Earthshade

    Loren Forest (or Straken Green)
    Flash Gitz Yellow
    Altdorf Guard Blue (or Alaitoc Blue)
    Wazdakka Red
    White Scar

    Ceramite white

    Citadel Detail Brush


  5. Consider it done. Not all of them naturally. 5 jars, you can have.