The Working Dead

As I am currently one of the working dead there is little time for painting and constructing of our little plastic friends. Just wanted you good readers to know this, especially since I can sometimes get slightly annoyed at webpages that have a regular update schedule and then suddenly dies for two or three months. Like Podhammer, it just disappeared... oh how I miss you Podhammer... I am trying to replace it with Pointhammered but it just isn't the same thing. So, I tried with The Black Sun which has come the closest to replacing Podhammer - especially the episode "Dial 07233674453", hahaha! Good fun, jolly good fun, damn good jolly good damn good fun! As mr Reynholm would say...
      With this, I take my leave and shall continue my work which includes working with boring documents and slowly growing my belly fat with the kind help of vending machine candy.

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