Sickness strikes again!

It is with the utmost of effort I write this. As around 20% of the rest of my country's population I got the annual disease which is best described as: Highly dehydrating...
    I felt like this:

A crying free-mason from Martian Dreams!

... just like many of my brothers and sisters in this cold country which every year is haunted by this horrific curse. But now it is slightly better and I hope I've paid the price for at least a year.

 Feeling slightly better.

Since I have little to report on the hobby front I can take the time to say how much I appreciate other websites and forumites taking their time to report battles, painting and modeling - I just wish I had more time to give feedback more regularly... Perhaps when I finally get the whole "google reader" thing done - which I believe mr FoB will help me with - things will improve.
    But now, time to go - I will dare me a cup of java or ghave, despite this horrid curse, I mean, how bad can it be? Really bad, of course, but the vices have said their say, and so, I shan't protest their will.

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