Werewolves for Angmar

So, the infamous (for me at least) Werewolves.
    Sadly, the essence of cartoony:

I photographed them in the angle that make them look the least warhammery and extreme-high-fantasy-ish. I cannot say this is the highlight of my hobby. But what I do say is this: They will be redone.
     Bodies: Bloodletters of Khorne.
     Heads: Lazy sculpts by Llama.
     Right hands (on three of them): Mantic ghoul-power gloves.
     Fur & other: Lazy sculpts by me.

They are huuuuge. If you compare them with the Mantic ghoul that is in the middle of his transformation, they look... not good...
     This is all my fucking work's fault - I am too tired to get any serious hobby in, and when I finally got some time and sat down on Saturday to sculpt I felt rushed and made these pieces of garbage that are their heads. Something needs to be done about this whole work situation, and that fast!
     To sum it all up: Booohooo! It's not my fault the models look crap! It's someone elses! ;)

Still, I am convinced that the Bloodletter-bodies are the best candidates for this kind of project...

4 kommentarer:

  1. man, I don't know what you are talking about. Those werewolves look pretty awesome to me!

    what rules are you using for LOTR for these beasties?

    1. Thanks man!

      The rules are in the WotR rulebook: Fight 7, strength 5, a low defence of 4 but with resilience 2.

      Courage 4 and they cause terror. They can't however be joined by a leader and has some other nice special rules. Of course, they are indomitable but can be only one company per formation.

      I haven't used them or any proxies for a battle yet. As the points aren't really always perfectly balanced (or even close to well balanced in some instances) I do not know how they play. But I have some ideas.

  2. I think you have done a pretty good job. The only thing I would have done different would be to scrape off the bumpy skin, and sculpt on a little more fur.

    1. Consider it done! And thanks for the input. More fur and I will try to resculpt some of the worst faces. The image I used as a template or inspiration was of a fighty/guardy type of dog (not a large dog, and not a chihuahua-small) - perhaps a terrier-type - that in retrospect looked like a third of its total size consisted of its head... That's my excuse ;)

      But before that, I will use my free day (FINALLY!) to go buy me some unnecessary new dwarves!