White Dwarf, January 2013

This month's White Dwarf contained rather few things in regards to The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings.

A large poster with images of the first releases for the Hobbit were included. On the backside of this poster they had included assembled and painted plastic models from the Lord of the Rings range. No images of their resins or metals.

Next Saturday, I believe, these will be released.

Almost forgot this: I can really recommend the latest episode of 40K radio. And also, since I never got to do a 2012-in-the-rear-window [backspegel?], take a moment and read Scott's wrapup of 2012 which got my liking. Had some two more links but my belly is screaming - time for food!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the heads up, if there's not much Hobbit stuff in the mag, I wont need to buy it!

    Thanks for the link! :-)

  2. Yeah, this month's mag wasn't all what I had expected. But it has really gotten better compared to what it was before.

    An interesting little thing is that the owner of the local gaming store said that "GW provides them with the WD:s for free every month" - but not many people seemed surprised by this, but I surely was! Considering the price, that is... Nowadays it is a little more worth it - at least if you are a 40K or WHFB-player. Sadly, I must say, that the darkness and grimness of these two gaming systems are just too much for me and the next time I buy me a WD it will be when I KNOW there is a lot of LotR in it!

  3. thanks for share.