New looks!

New year and a slightly more stylish look on the blog. I will make me a header or whatever it is called, it will clearly be inspired by this one...

As Christmas came and passed, money passed through my hands. The above is a dramatization, it isn't really me throwing money in the curb. But gosh darn it, did it feel like that?! Not really, I had the spending under control but the picture's just so funny so I had to crowbar it in here, someway.

... I digress, the subject was the new year and the changes to this blog... IF the white text on dark background is an issue, let me know - personally it is really tough on the eyes, so it's likely it'll change.
     Personally, not much will change, I am still waiting for a new apartment but the wait line in this formerly high-standard country have now fallen to somewhere between North Korea and Russia, in all aspects, flat out. Which means: Bad, but not too bad. As long as I live in this tiny place I can't really go nuts with terrain and games, which in turn hampers my blogging, so in many ways this is also your problem!
    Other news is that the company where I work at is really downsizing. So let's find me a new job, or at least send me a prayer or too. I prefer the Christian god which feels sufficiently anchored in my country and myself and the culture, but prayers to Valar is accepted, just choose the right one:

- Yavanna, Giver of Life.
- Orome - The hunter.
- Aule - The blacksmith.
- Manwe - King of valar and god of general atmospheric conditions.
- Nienna is likely the most pertinent godess here, but I prefer Orome, the job-and-apartment-hunter, but a visit from Yavanna would be appreciated, but not until Orome have done his job.

Since the original bosses of Scandinavia was Tor and Oden some may very well try these, but I would like to caution invocation of help from these guys as they often demand sacrifices drenched in blood, so we'll go with Nienna, god of Whining.
    Of course I have a purpose with this blabbing above... do you remember the Valar project? I decided to not jump on it, not yet, as it just too space consuming. But I've bought me a C'tan from the 40K-range to convert, so the idea is still alive, just not a priority. Comparing it with watching the Hobbit which is the real world equivalent of breathing - then the Valar project would be something like taking long baths everyday: Nice and relaxing but not really that important.

I have tried to post some documents on some sort of filesharing thingie as well as this PDF-place I found, but never got it to work, which is too bad since I've got some PDF:s from GW:s old homepage as well as a fan-made one from earlier years of LotR: SBG. If someone knows a nice, quiet little place to host files, please let me know! This is extra important since the new DIY army lists are soon done. Tonnes of play-testing is left though, but the changes are minor so the documents could probably be used as is.
     Also, the ever-current issue with points - which was one of the reasons I left most forums and never looked back - and the problem to get abridged units-lists with points and stats... There's a strange issue with forum-authorities and their moderators and (the worst kind) would-be-moderators and their total lack of knowledge in regards of copyrights, trademarks and all those other ways to piss your intellectual territory... Of course you may post detailed lists from publications you own. Even thorough lists. You may not get monetary benefits from it and you may not scan and re-publish whole lists. You may, however do this:

In total harmony with laws, I may post an
image like this, contrary to popular belief.

And lastly, something that actually has something to do with our hobby: Another sweet battle report from Rough War (of the Ring). This is a good time to go back to my usual vacation business:

... which of course is being intellectually challenged and wave a stick from (what I believe is) my castle window. Good times.

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  1. Ha ha haaa! Those medieval images are awsum. And if I squint my eyes and shake my head, those guys do look like you Llama.

    Daniel, theflowerofbattle.com


  2. Hahaha! Yes they are precious, they are.

    Kind regards from Llama

  3. You are in our thoughts, hope the job issue works out. I'll give a nod to Aule, being a blacksmith he may well fashion something up for you!

  4. Your words are very appreciated Scott! My spirits are high though - especially in these days considering the possible release of High Elf cavalry to take my mind off these issues!