The Scribe on moving contraption

The entertaining - and surely dangerous in his own ways - mr Scribe. Although mr Scribe prefer to be hooked up to his personal wire-transportation-system he sometimes make the effort to be a teamplayer.
      Today he is traveling by means of Wheeled Contrapation(TM). The Wheeled Contraption is inspired by a line from the Hobbit, where someone, probably Gandalf, said that the goblins love their contraptions and mechanical wonders. It could also be a line from The Fellowship of the Ring, where Gandalf says something about Saruman's mind being occupied by mechanical wheels and chimneys and smoke. We may never know the truth on this matter, but I don't need any special canonical motivations to do this little piece.

The goblins will be sculpted to fit better in with the base - and they will naturally get hands and feet. The idea is that they are not working well together and are pulling it with great difficulties. And undermanned as well.

It will be used in one of the goblin formations. The goblins are such a nice way to relax and let the mind wander - just allow yourself to make these silly little things is, for me at least, what makes this hobby so great. A little critique on the general layout and design on this one may be that the Scribe himself is not really the focus here, but instead the goblin menacingly standing in the front. Oh, well...

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When we are on the subject of goblins and such: Have any of you played this game?

Bought two years ago, ordered it through the local gamestore, from GW-Direct. Cost an arm and a leg and I never really got to play it, but it was nice piece of production. I am using the box for storing my goblins...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thats a very fun looking conversion!

    I havent played BoFA, but have seen it and its compnents which look very nice. Its a Warmaster derivative which in itself is a good game.

  2. Nice contraption.
    I've played warmaster, which is quite fun and fast.

  3. Oh, I remember now hearing something about BoFa being a derivate of Warmaster. Warmaster is still alive and kickin, it seems. With the Hobbit out, I'd rather play a massive Battle of Five Armies with 28 mm!