GW release: Rivendell Knights

Most of you have probably already seen these, but I hadn't until just now, so here they are:

Another release for The Hobbit: Some characters that look nice, the Rivendell Knights and the oh-so-nice Grim Hammerers, shown above.

Lastly, I have gotten some hobby time this Saturday, around four hours inbetween everything - including dodging the police after they've again mistaken me for one of the few un-ethnic criminals that is rampaging in the area, I really must buy me some new clothes or just leave the area... Although it has some entertainment value... hm...
    Any-who, some images of Werewolves for the Angmar army that I've been working on for a while should be up by tomorrow, so there's something to look forward to. Until you see them, their faces are way too canine and some of them almost looks like a mixture of a pig and a skaven-rat.

With wishes of a nice weekend good people
/yours truly, Llama.

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