Werewolves for Angmar

So, the infamous (for me at least) Werewolves.
    Sadly, the essence of cartoony:

I photographed them in the angle that make them look the least warhammery and extreme-high-fantasy-ish. I cannot say this is the highlight of my hobby. But what I do say is this: They will be redone.
     Bodies: Bloodletters of Khorne.
     Heads: Lazy sculpts by Llama.
     Right hands (on three of them): Mantic ghoul-power gloves.
     Fur & other: Lazy sculpts by me.

They are huuuuge. If you compare them with the Mantic ghoul that is in the middle of his transformation, they look... not good...
     This is all my fucking work's fault - I am too tired to get any serious hobby in, and when I finally got some time and sat down on Saturday to sculpt I felt rushed and made these pieces of garbage that are their heads. Something needs to be done about this whole work situation, and that fast!
     To sum it all up: Booohooo! It's not my fault the models look crap! It's someone elses! ;)

Still, I am convinced that the Bloodletter-bodies are the best candidates for this kind of project...


GW release: Rivendell Knights

Most of you have probably already seen these, but I hadn't until just now, so here they are:

Another release for The Hobbit: Some characters that look nice, the Rivendell Knights and the oh-so-nice Grim Hammerers, shown above.

Lastly, I have gotten some hobby time this Saturday, around four hours inbetween everything - including dodging the police after they've again mistaken me for one of the few un-ethnic criminals that is rampaging in the area, I really must buy me some new clothes or just leave the area... Although it has some entertainment value... hm...
    Any-who, some images of Werewolves for the Angmar army that I've been working on for a while should be up by tomorrow, so there's something to look forward to. Until you see them, their faces are way too canine and some of them almost looks like a mixture of a pig and a skaven-rat.

With wishes of a nice weekend good people
/yours truly, Llama.

PS) Added captcha to the commenting form. It was only a matter of time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Working Dead

As I am currently one of the working dead there is little time for painting and constructing of our little plastic friends. Just wanted you good readers to know this, especially since I can sometimes get slightly annoyed at webpages that have a regular update schedule and then suddenly dies for two or three months. Like Podhammer, it just disappeared... oh how I miss you Podhammer... I am trying to replace it with Pointhammered but it just isn't the same thing. So, I tried with The Black Sun which has come the closest to replacing Podhammer - especially the episode "Dial 07233674453", hahaha! Good fun, jolly good fun, damn good jolly good damn good fun! As mr Reynholm would say...
      With this, I take my leave and shall continue my work which includes working with boring documents and slowly growing my belly fat with the kind help of vending machine candy.


Painted Hunter Orcs

I have begun the third phase of the painting of the Hunter Orcs. I will tidy up a whole bunch of little faults, fix one of the faces which now looks muddy - the owner of the face will instead get some sort of war paint like some of the others have gotten.

The Hunter Orcs proved to be very difficult for me to paint up in a satisfying way and it has taken me quite some time to get to where I'm at right now in the painting. The reason why the bases are incredibly dull is due to all the rest of my Mordor stuff having this very boring and simple horde standard - except for a few of the larger models or specials.
     They will get flat trays, not official WotR-trays, with roughly the same colour scheme as the bases but not exactly the same, and some of the GW bright green grass to contrast it whole a little bit.
     That's all for today, until later gentlemen!


DIY Hunter Orcs & paint on Radagast

As the title says...
    I have started to orcify the Men at Arms from Perry Minis. My plastic cement is going old and these tiny little threads of glue are all over them. I missed a major thing that I may or may not have planned: The guy in the middle of these three models I believe were supposed to draw an arrow... But he got a sword instead. Well, there you have.
    Their faces need some work and I shall have to shave off some green stuff some places and trim down a few of the plastic details that were added. Other than that, they are on the running of becoming Sweden's next Orc model.

And some dabbling in a picture-editing program:

At least I think it was some dabbling, but upon closer inspection, it seems these two images are two separate pictures.
Eyes on creatures are still reaaally tough to do... Hehehe, luckily... look at that little face...

Something more serious
My sincere gratitude to the, at the time civilian/"undercover", police officer of one of Stockholm's southern departments that shot and killed one robber in a gang of four known criminals. Most Swedes in my vincinity (all, in fact) are filled with gratitude towards this particular police officer that we now have at least one less criminal gone for good in a country sadly flooded with these idiots.

Some good news to start me up in my convalescence: A dead criminal.

Whoops, almost forgot the two links forgotten in an earlier post:

John Howe, illustrator of Middle-Earth (amongst other things).
A Moria diorama.

EDIT: Censored the body of the known criminal since this is a hobby blog and perhaps some young person might take offence, however pixly and undetailed it is.
      The whole mess is available to see anywhere on the web but I suggest you do not - not because of the presumably "offending" material, but rather the onlookers comments such as "why are the police shooting him" and "why are they [the police] doing this" - they should be happy that Swedes are protecting their neighbourhood since their own young men are too busy shooting at the police and robbing and beating the elderly... 


Sickness strikes again!

It is with the utmost of effort I write this. As around 20% of the rest of my country's population I got the annual disease which is best described as: Highly dehydrating...
    I felt like this:

A crying free-mason from Martian Dreams!

... just like many of my brothers and sisters in this cold country which every year is haunted by this horrific curse. But now it is slightly better and I hope I've paid the price for at least a year.

 Feeling slightly better.

Since I have little to report on the hobby front I can take the time to say how much I appreciate other websites and forumites taking their time to report battles, painting and modeling - I just wish I had more time to give feedback more regularly... Perhaps when I finally get the whole "google reader" thing done - which I believe mr FoB will help me with - things will improve.
    But now, time to go - I will dare me a cup of java or ghave, despite this horrid curse, I mean, how bad can it be? Really bad, of course, but the vices have said their say, and so, I shan't protest their will.


White Dwarf, January 2013

This month's White Dwarf contained rather few things in regards to The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings.

A large poster with images of the first releases for the Hobbit were included. On the backside of this poster they had included assembled and painted plastic models from the Lord of the Rings range. No images of their resins or metals.

Next Saturday, I believe, these will be released.

Almost forgot this: I can really recommend the latest episode of 40K radio. And also, since I never got to do a 2012-in-the-rear-window [backspegel?], take a moment and read Scott's wrapup of 2012 which got my liking. Had some two more links but my belly is screaming - time for food!


The Scribe on moving contraption

The entertaining - and surely dangerous in his own ways - mr Scribe. Although mr Scribe prefer to be hooked up to his personal wire-transportation-system he sometimes make the effort to be a teamplayer.
      Today he is traveling by means of Wheeled Contrapation(TM). The Wheeled Contraption is inspired by a line from the Hobbit, where someone, probably Gandalf, said that the goblins love their contraptions and mechanical wonders. It could also be a line from The Fellowship of the Ring, where Gandalf says something about Saruman's mind being occupied by mechanical wheels and chimneys and smoke. We may never know the truth on this matter, but I don't need any special canonical motivations to do this little piece.

The goblins will be sculpted to fit better in with the base - and they will naturally get hands and feet. The idea is that they are not working well together and are pulling it with great difficulties. And undermanned as well.

It will be used in one of the goblin formations. The goblins are such a nice way to relax and let the mind wander - just allow yourself to make these silly little things is, for me at least, what makes this hobby so great. A little critique on the general layout and design on this one may be that the Scribe himself is not really the focus here, but instead the goblin menacingly standing in the front. Oh, well...

---   ---   ---

When we are on the subject of goblins and such: Have any of you played this game?

Bought two years ago, ordered it through the local gamestore, from GW-Direct. Cost an arm and a leg and I never really got to play it, but it was nice piece of production. I am using the box for storing my goblins...


Hunter Orc conversions

Two minor kit-bashes, rather. The Hunter Orcs look nice and are quite detailed. For some reason, I think these models would do well painted rather cheerfully. Not like Ronald McDonald, of course not, but more colourful than the Uruk or your generic orc from a Gorgoroth horde. The indian-look is prevalent, in my opinion. Opinions differ, what do you think of these models, dear reader? I am quite interested - if someone has a deeper analysis of these, let me know - for some reason these models have really stuck in my mind. There's something with them... not that they are that special as miniatures, it is just something... Or maybe it is the drugs talking, I don't know...

These two are in phase one of their construction. Parts:
- Body: Perry Miniatures Men at Arms. A surprisingly versatile kit - at least if you've got some other parts and bits and bobs to mix it up with.
- Arms: A mix of Immortal Miniatures Hoplites, Perry Miniatures as well as Perry Brothers' Mahdist Ansars.
- Heads: Partially thanks to Pablo El Marques (and also partly blaming him for corrupting my pure mind with Warhammer, heheheh) I got me a box of Daemonettes. Great sculpts - got me a whole slew of different conversion ideas.
- Wargear: From the old Warg Riders' sprue as well as a sword from Immortal Miniatures and some arrows from the Men at Arms (naturally also from Perry Miniatures).

Phase two will consist of orcying them up, putting some warg fangs and claws to their bodies; fix the faces so they look less female (they are now quite weak-chinned) and tidy up the necks.
     Phase three: Fix the arms and their weapons as they are now too sleek and tidy.

This gives me 12 models from the box (high price for few models, so I'll settled for just one box and will never ever buy another box of these, stupid GW - a slightly lower price and I'd bought four or five boxes - just look at the PM Ansars, got me three boxes and then added another!). However, with these conversions, I think I can meat it out to 16 models, and hence get me two companies for any badguy army for War of the Ring!


New looks!

New year and a slightly more stylish look on the blog. I will make me a header or whatever it is called, it will clearly be inspired by this one...

As Christmas came and passed, money passed through my hands. The above is a dramatization, it isn't really me throwing money in the curb. But gosh darn it, did it feel like that?! Not really, I had the spending under control but the picture's just so funny so I had to crowbar it in here, someway.

... I digress, the subject was the new year and the changes to this blog... IF the white text on dark background is an issue, let me know - personally it is really tough on the eyes, so it's likely it'll change.
     Personally, not much will change, I am still waiting for a new apartment but the wait line in this formerly high-standard country have now fallen to somewhere between North Korea and Russia, in all aspects, flat out. Which means: Bad, but not too bad. As long as I live in this tiny place I can't really go nuts with terrain and games, which in turn hampers my blogging, so in many ways this is also your problem!
    Other news is that the company where I work at is really downsizing. So let's find me a new job, or at least send me a prayer or too. I prefer the Christian god which feels sufficiently anchored in my country and myself and the culture, but prayers to Valar is accepted, just choose the right one:

- Yavanna, Giver of Life.
- Orome - The hunter.
- Aule - The blacksmith.
- Manwe - King of valar and god of general atmospheric conditions.
- Nienna is likely the most pertinent godess here, but I prefer Orome, the job-and-apartment-hunter, but a visit from Yavanna would be appreciated, but not until Orome have done his job.

Since the original bosses of Scandinavia was Tor and Oden some may very well try these, but I would like to caution invocation of help from these guys as they often demand sacrifices drenched in blood, so we'll go with Nienna, god of Whining.
    Of course I have a purpose with this blabbing above... do you remember the Valar project? I decided to not jump on it, not yet, as it just too space consuming. But I've bought me a C'tan from the 40K-range to convert, so the idea is still alive, just not a priority. Comparing it with watching the Hobbit which is the real world equivalent of breathing - then the Valar project would be something like taking long baths everyday: Nice and relaxing but not really that important.

I have tried to post some documents on some sort of filesharing thingie as well as this PDF-place I found, but never got it to work, which is too bad since I've got some PDF:s from GW:s old homepage as well as a fan-made one from earlier years of LotR: SBG. If someone knows a nice, quiet little place to host files, please let me know! This is extra important since the new DIY army lists are soon done. Tonnes of play-testing is left though, but the changes are minor so the documents could probably be used as is.
     Also, the ever-current issue with points - which was one of the reasons I left most forums and never looked back - and the problem to get abridged units-lists with points and stats... There's a strange issue with forum-authorities and their moderators and (the worst kind) would-be-moderators and their total lack of knowledge in regards of copyrights, trademarks and all those other ways to piss your intellectual territory... Of course you may post detailed lists from publications you own. Even thorough lists. You may not get monetary benefits from it and you may not scan and re-publish whole lists. You may, however do this:

In total harmony with laws, I may post an
image like this, contrary to popular belief.

And lastly, something that actually has something to do with our hobby: Another sweet battle report from Rough War (of the Ring). This is a good time to go back to my usual vacation business:

... which of course is being intellectually challenged and wave a stick from (what I believe is) my castle window. Good times.