Age of Sigmar: Idoneth Dragon Turtle in resin.

Might as well rebrand it. This cast turned out just perfect. No major flaws, nice white resin.

After making the Isengard Steamship, I got a bit tired of boats, but I am still on a naval theme here. Obviously the Age of Sigmar-spin is because this blog is dying in terms of readers as well as me publishing things - not that I have started to hate the hobby, it is just how it goes. There is a time for thrashing and there is a time to dive for pearls.

Since I can't decide if I either paint it in red colours, convert it into a rip-off of GeeDubb's Idoneth Flying Turtle or make something inbetween OR make it with a howdah, I might have to cast up 2-3 more. We shall see. Thoughts, ideas, dear readers?

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