Harad Slave Ship

Wihoo! Just wanted to add this lady to the front of the post to get better views on m'blog m'lady. It is really been falling apart, the page views, after g00gle decided to fuck me over for talking pol-stuff.

Slaver ship being pulled by dolphins or something. I do not like to make ships with sails because they take up too much space...

... and hence these convoluted solutions to the ships' locomotion.

 As a comment on the racist terrorist attacks in Europe these last few years... with an Ardian spin on it...

Observe the nice heavy duty chains that goes into the water, these chains keep the animal in control and allows for the Harad beastmaster to decide where to go.

Funny thing with the picture above is that Sweden was fuuuuucked already in 2005. Look at the stats below - it was a hassle indeed to get that data from the greedy hands of the official statistical bureau of Swedistan.

In 1955 there were 7,5 million Swedes, and the health-system was rudimentary - despite the basic trauma-care that existed, we still had super low levels of "deadly violence". Today, the amount of people within Sweden's borders are around 10 million but the deadly violence is just soaring. I wonder what happened... no, I don't wonder, I know what happened.

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