Idoneth Deepkin War Turtle Clickbait!!!

Old news? Yes indeed. As we all know I made my own Idoneth War Turtle yeeeeeaaars ago, in anticipation of the new release - you know me, Llama the rumour monger with his beady eyes and flappy llama ears all over Games Wokshop's think thanks and whatsnots.

Might as well repost it, the number of readers are dwindling. DWINDLING I TELL YOU! But that also means I can go back to my old days, when I had as few page views as now. I am blaming two things:

1) Lack of interest for LotR/Hobbit as the worst movie-craze passed a long, long time ago.

2) Fucking Faceborg and Twatter and all these other platforms that centralize you, your data and especially your thinking. Internet was supposed to be about freedom of information but now it is just a bunch of faggots being banned for calling each other faggots.

Fuck modern internet. And fuck swearing.

It starts with swearing and ends up with eating babies. Thankfully, there is a warning about these blood thirsty people in Bern (apparently, I haven't been there). No kidding, take heed sheeple.


But I repeat myself... What does this magic man below have to say about all this?

Ah yes, the dumb-fuck, just like Bill Nye who people actually think is some form of educated man. The man's a cuck and kverulant (don't know the meaning of that last word, actually).

People pushing "global warming" who ten years later changed it to "climate change" because the polar ice is actually getting larger...
 ... are the same thinking like above and beyond and below...

 Whoops, that's someone else's thoughts, sorry...

Perhaps this was the rascal that thought that awful idea? We will never know, never will we know.
And we let these idiots rule us? Please stahp voting childless Euro-haters like these into your cabinets, and drawers and governements and senates etc.

It is my fear that this beautiful fastitocalon is like a budget war turtle for Age of Sigmar-water-deepkin, but remember, it was made for realsxitics Loard of The Rhangs so there you have it.

Look at this beautiful beast, is it not wonderful that a fuckup like me can make one? I would like to paint one red - and that I will, because I have made even prettier moulds of the old fucker. It will get a stupid howdah. Everything gets a howdah when I can have a word put into the mince, as the old English proverb goes.

Let me end with fierce r@pe.

Don't forget to smash and fuck that like button and leave a comment about hobby or the state of the European society (in need of resurrection, that's the answer) or if you can get me a working visa in Australia so I can leave this shithole country that used to be called Sweden. Thank you, you have been a wonderful audience! Good bye! *throws kisses*

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