Idoneth Eidolon

Newly cast sea monster, fastitocalon number 2 is now being painted in red-brown colours.

Primed white with Army Painter's white spray. Base colous in watered down yellows and oranges and apples.

This will be perfect in a game of Age of Sigmar as a Firedrake or those Magmadroth, or better yet, just play War of the Ring, and use this 180 point beast as it is intended: Like a huge troll (except it doesn't throw rocks).

After three additional washes this is the situation. Put some sand on the 120 mm oval base as well. So, what couleur should it's claws be? Gave him blue eyes as I believe that is a good spot colour, as the pros call it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking very nice! Possibly faded grey-white for claws?

    1. I shall most likely heed your advice mr Mister!