Slaver of Harad

As J ordered me to do crew, I have went through my streamlined collection of plastic and metal (lots still in original boxes, which gives me pleasure for some reason) and found some Haradrim warriors. Bosuns are from the Corsair list, Umbar perhaps, so we shall settle for something more simple and rough since Harad isn't well known for it's mighty fleets. Basic crew with light weaponry, some form of captain and a whoooole lot of over-theming. That's one of the few reasons I enjoy doing these boats, the overtheming.

Just woke up however, feeling like above... but it's getting better.

Just going to prepare my best brushes for the upcoming painting of the Haradrim crew (not depicted in this post since I have just literally put them on my desk). These brushes came yesterday in the Swedish shit-mail and are made out of tiger-hair, highest quality 10/10 would paint again.
Why is it so silly, and where are the masts? Well ask again Einstein because those questions are defective. This ship will be pulled by trained water-beasts-of-burden. OBVIOUSLY! Super high fantasy but totally fine in Middle-Earth - remember that the elves' had their ships pulled by swans!

Hence the weird bigly platforms: That is where the beast controllers will stand with rods and ropes to prod the fasto-dolphonons (like dolphins but bigger) in case they don't stop and ram the pier instead of slowly pulling in.
 Just some random memes. OMG im so random lolz
 Which is what I did this weekend...

I am off, just like the old rocket V2 lady...

... but not before unrevealing the big project that no one have waited for: Tah daaaah! It is the rotting fish corpse boat! At least the beginning of it. But who shall crew it? Half-orcs?

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