Mordor Raider!

Some WIPs... made the bones separately, glued them with plastic glue against the really nice and durable artist's card that I prefer to use... Super sculpey is comparatively cheap and I generally use aluminium foil to get a basic shape and then sculpt the polymer clay around it and harden it with a heat gun.

Added a brand: A red eye of Sauron.
Just thought this old gem would be suitable in these times of all the racist attacks that are happening in Sweden and Europe in general against the native populations.

After getting all the basic pieces done I added skin fold between the saw-off bones.
It is a hassle to keep them from getting loose from one another. Really annoying. Added a little height-helper to keep track of where the next level of the ship should be...

... and then I added the artificial walls that snagas raised and hammered into the fish-beast's old bones and skin and rotting flesh.
This part is what made me go blogpost... not really looking forward to integrate the soft, melting GW-plastic to the curing temperatory of 133 C for sculpey. The polystyrene that GeeDubb uses melts at around 140 C I think, and starts to warp at 105-115 C, IIRC. The sculpey just melts and burns at roughly 200 C, and it needs to be at least 133 C to cure, so you can see the problems here.

To solve it, I will mount temporary sticks to act as walls and sculpt rotting skin towards said sticks and then remount the plastic walls (which I want for a number of reasons, but most importa=ntly for the way they juxtaposition themselves designwise (not sure if I used "juxtaposition" correctly here).
Let's end with funnies:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Roilly loik the shoip... especially the skin around the ribs! Also, will she be having snaga crew lead by a couple of bigger orcs?

    1. I think that is a very good idea, however: How to get my hands on some snagas? I just don't feel like sculpting such models, but I guess I have to... Not sure if I am up to the task though.

      Need to paint the Haradrim Ship as well. AND make a taskmaster. :D

    2. do you have any more goblin town gobbos? one or two of them should work well... especially the guy with the big uruk-hai looking sword if you know which one I mean..!

    3. I do, in fact a few that was previously in your possession :D I shall see if they arent a good fit.