Boardgame review: The best game EVER!

So, my friends and I got together to play THE BEST BOARDGAME IN THE WORLD. Published by Games Workshop in 1998, this was released only in Northern Europe and a few select stores in West Germany (as we all know, the Iron Curtail was heavy at the time and Eastern Europe had to settle with Живой Путин, or "Recreation for the Masses - a state run store for well priced models to execute military training on an operative level for children and also, men who are children at heart". It has a better ring to it in Russian.

My friends really liked the game.

It is mainly a resource management game in the Grim-dark Future of Warhammer 400 000 (this was before the universe in which all our favourite characters can be found, was renamed to 40 000, from Warhammer four hundredthousand - as a sensitivity project, since 400 000 people was burned alive in Dresden - by mistake, mind you - by our glorious heroes in World War II). As we all know, Germany is the biggest buyer of warhammer so the executive at the time Dallas "VK" Lordon decided it was high time for a rebrand. Incidentally, they renamed one of the Chaos gods from Jehova to Khorne. His catch-phrase stayed the same though.

The game features a scale-thingie above where you chose your alignment. Fun fact: They used Dallas "VK" Rubbington's son Palernik for the photo shoots.

After chosing our alignments (I chose the "reeeeeeing" space libertarian) we looked at the wonderful rules that features endless lists of numbers that may or may not have an impact on the game. Wow, so fun.

Notice the nice Warhammer fourhundredthousand colour scheme, I believe it is Son's of Horuses colours? They look deceptively Swedish, but as we all know, Sweden stopped existing in late 1996 becoming Swedistan in 1997, just one year before this game was released, so that is impossible. Swedistan's flag is green, as well you know.

So, heavy resource managment, lots of back stabbing AND you can trade Warhammer 400 000 stocks on the Interplanetary Stock Exchange on Koike 7, most famous planet of whfb40000.

In the end Lola managed to snatch the victory with 6 million vicotry points and I came in good second with 2 vicotry points. All the models are made out of asbethos which was standard at the time and the board is made out paper, in fact. Alexander, Pepe and Lisa all got -10000 points for being dumb fucks and answered faulty on the trivia questions (the game has 12 distinct phases with between 2 and 18 subphases, of which one sub-sub-phase is trivia questions about late 17th century London, which at the time was not renamed Londonistan, but I digress).

This game is great. 10/10. So good we had to tear it apart.
These nice stamps were, btw, published in 1975 i believe, one year before the fateful election of 76. It says: Let paper-less immigrants get the right to vote. Great idea. This game is just as great, grate!

So, a solid recommendation to this game.

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