Sculpting a Corpse Ship

The Haradrim Slaver is basically done, I'll give it a few layers of paint later. Today I am sculpting a bit on the Corpse Ship. The design comes from a mixture of old fantasy tropes, the Warhammer game with ships (you know, the Skaven ship) and most of all from the Kickstarter with the ships, whatever the name is... 

Not sure which faction this one will be aligned to, but it has given me some very slight enjoyment to sculpt. At least I did not want to claw my eyes out of boredom when doing it. Some super annoying small birds are constantly chirping outside of my window, and everytime I go out to chase them away some fucking annoying lady is watching me. The other neighbours (unemployed fucks) are also watching me. I want to live in a cabin in the woods. Obviously there would be no birds around me then.

Some WIP:s in no special order. Above, some sculpey teeth are being fitted.
With "skin" rather than scales for various reasons. Used the soft version of sculpey to easier see where the cured sculpey were and which parts were soft during sculpturation.
The head fits well. Going to work on the tail part or maybe the walls of the ship, the "hull".

Some more progress pictures, to show how a big head like this can be quite easy to do as long as you do it in little pieces.

An ugly version when I tried to get a general view on how tall the head should be. Haradrim slaver-crew depicted for size comparison.


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