Haradrim Slaver Ship

The HSS was put on the olde backburner. Put her back on the front-burner now. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely place of all places: Warcraft II, the oil-collecting ship that the greenskins use, with a red tarp and some oversized tusks and a yuuuge skull in front of it. Three-dee printed a crocodile skull and made some nice whale ribs in sculpey plus added some of those sweet oversized mumakil howdah parts to the vessel and this is where we are now.

I put some of the pieces that might come into use in the howdah part as to not lose them in my small apartemente.
There is no doubt that the aerodynamics of this ship is not on the level of SAAB or a Gripen fighter, but it is borderline high fantasy so I think we shall all settle down and be happy I haven't made a canonical swan ship yet - that's high fantasty if anything!

High fantasy indeed. It is always Russia or Assad for some reason... Our mainstream media is basically high fantasy - or the lugenpress as the Germans I met in Aussie called it. We are not alone, we who think that everyone has the right to exist: Russians and Assad-syrians as well - no need to bomb anyone.
I know, crazy idea right...
But back to boats. I have done the Isengard Steamship, now working slowly on the Haradrim Slaver/transport ship. Next up? Something soulless like the weirdo "horse" above... not sure what though...

 ... not that soulless... was thinking more of a big dead whale, like something skaveny or that boat game from Citadel with the big dead fish with skaven innit.

In other another news, I have been trying to get Command & Conquer to work on shitty shit-wind0ws 10. Did not work. And to Windows, I say:


That's not a reaction gif, it is just a still from a movie that was "reviewed" by RedLetterMedia, which obviously got me thinking about the song that the screenshot below was taken from...

This song can be heard in Rich Evan's no death run of... ... what game? The zombie killing game...

... yes you guessed it: Dead Rising.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Haha! Love the crocohollic skulz(Ltd) and das boat looks super awesome sauce fridge (fridge is the new intensive form of cool in the newspeak)!

    Also, when you make a crew, can you make a big fat oke who waddles around hitting people with a belt or something?

    1. I like it, like a more masculine version of the eunuck models, you know those fat guys with big cleavers? Nice idea. Fridge, I get it