Best of 2011

It is now Friday and I will have to deal with bullshit. So, without further ado, here is, totally unwarranted, a list of what I think was done quite well in the meh-year of 2011. The list contains not only hobby projects but one or the other article or thingie related to wargaming. I intend to make another "Best of"-list of years 2012 and 2013, to motivate myself and hopefully inspire someone to further their LotR-wargaming hobby with stupid and non-canon projects.

Púkelman. For my Edheldu Wood Elf army.
Mushroom Factory, for the intelligence-impaired. There are many other ways to do mushrooms, I have since learned.
A beautiful Christmas song and me bragging about being back from an equally beautiful vaycay. The irony should be obvious.
When I stole slates for the sake of my hobby!
Huorn/Tree Spirit sculpting project (with some parts from WHFB).
Emerging Dryads. Using bits of jam and corrugated iron as well as parts from the Dryad kit for WHFB, I made "emerging dryads", which more correctly should have been called "Emerging Huorns".
Image of Plague Cart, more Plague Cart and last Plague Cart. It seems I focked up with the pictures, so they are probably all the same but with three different links. That's life, a gingerly beast...
Art of Manliness. Just a little link to an article that still holds true.
Abrakhan Guard with Golden King. I remember being a bit proud of the conversions.
Dabbling in making modular walls for mr FoB.
The humble beginning or end of the Wood Elf Edheldu army. Those homemade movement trays were a nuisance to make.
Valentine's Love. It's sad, really. But also funny.
My first themed formation. It has been improved since, but I think it was a nice try.
This is the single most interesting project done in 2011. All that work for those small little models... Which I even forgot in the update below this one... they belong to my Mordor Army.

Lasty, the single most traffic making post of all times: Where is Waldo. Of the around 125 000 H.I.T.S I have gotten over these 6 years, approximately 225 000 have been because of this single post that doesn't even contain a Where is Waldo-poster. One can only assume this post will garner an equal amount of traffic over the years since it contains the magic words: Where is Waldo?!

'Tis a good thing to rest on old laurels sometimes, it allows me to take a sort-of well deserved rest:

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