Edheldu renovation!

It has finally come to it, the grand renovation of Edheldu, the forest of all forests, the grand pimsleur of imitation and uncreativity: I give you to you, Mushrooms and Static Grass, by Llama:

Woops, wrong pic... here it is:

My food-box accidently got photographed and my image editing skills allow me only to draw fat lines with the drawing tool, not cutting out baby blue food boxes from behind an Ent...
    More blurry pictures, depicting green stuff mushrooms and animals, sculpted with varying degree of professionalism.

When I am done with Edheldu, I will have to deal with this magic drawer... I cannot say I look forward to this. Three companies of High Elves needs to be painted, two aren't even filed or placed upon their bases... I have one project that might be interesting here, and that is the White Council-project, which leads me into my next project:
    Ordering new polyurethane and buying a new filter to the half-mask (NIOSH-approved, because I do not want to die because of my hobby) as well as single use rubber gloves. With the help of these fantastic products new movement trays will be made. And when that's done, I can finish a few of these projects.
   The most difficult one is to remake the chariot for the Swan Sky Chariot.
   You may notice a "soon-to-be" finished Troll Loader. He has looked like that for nearly five years now. Everyone once or twice a year a add a little leftover blob of green stuff to assure me I am still working on this project.

This project is not stored in my drawer, naturally, but is nevertheless of equal importance. Building a vaccum-machine-thing. Great video. Made by mr Marvin Flop. Thank you Marvin.

With all this being sad, and very little being done, I shall take this moment to assure you that I am still chipping away at my grandest project of all my grand projects: The project of renovating the War of the Rings-rules. It's a project that I'm working on.
   Also, thanks to mr Legatus Headlius, I have been typing up some pages on Battle Hosts... I have been branching out too much in that particular project and added a strategic-phase which just made the game into a boardgame, so I am not entirely sure how to go from there. Besides, I need to learn better English grammar if I am to publish it here, even if it is just a simple hobby project. Don't expect anything before end of 2015.

- - -

Before we end this post, I would like you to waste a few seconds to see what reddit, fourch@n and other webplaces have to offer in the form of mildly humorous images:

 Turkish firestarter... No one were seriously hurt, 
though you can't fault him for really trying.

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