Mordor renovation done...

Skipped phases two and three it seems and just posted the finale of this project with the laconic "done". I just stayed up late and did my thing and suddenly it was all done.

 Looking for hobbits...
This is how I treated all the bases and trays. Before this painting-fest I had only placed some random static grass here and there which now turned out to be just in the way and got painted over. Looks fine when the models are placed on the trays though.

Forgot to list the contingent of Mournedain - Morgul Knights and Black Numenorean Regiment - in the last update, but here are the cavalry. Shown before, but they are such nice models so they deserve to be shown again. My paint scheme is plain and it would be interesting to see some serious conversions done with these as well as a happier colour scheme, if the models can take the paint well, which I assume.

These guys are some of my earlier works, 2009-2010, IIRC, which you can tell from the barely acceptable sculpting of their cloaks, but they still hold up, I think. Except for Tiny Traitor Tim, the greenish guy made from a plastic Warrior of the Last Alliance - you know, from when Games Workshop made Lord of the Rings-models in 25 mm.

Yellow, yellow on the wall...

An interesting little thing happened when I had finished most of this project and was getting a bit stiff in the old neck and back. To ease the cracking of my back I took a late night stroll inside the vast company compound where I do my stuff. Merely sixty or seventy meters from my station I found a door on a hill - just like a certain hobbit's place! This interested me greatly, of course - who could withstand the alluring look of a smial that suddenly appears before you, especially after renovating the bases of 200 Mordor Orcs. 
      The door was so anonymous that I just had to knock it, despite the time being 2400 hours. No one answered, so I felt the handle, but it was locked. So, this Llama thought: "I wonder what's in there... ".

To be continued...

4 kommentarer:

  1. You are really cooking here great fast work!

    1. Thank you mr Audin!

      A little sidenote: I have been trying to give my input on some of your work, but it seems I have to make some sort of Google Plus - is it possible to circumvent this?

  2. Very nice, I like what you have done with the wraiths multibase.

    1. Thanks Scott! It was a joy to make.