Edheldu and Rhûn update...

This project is mainly a project consisting of static grass and the klichée kind of fantasy mushrooms which one can find in most Wood Elf-settings, regardless of which gaming system or medium presented on.

I am trying to replace the little Warhawk (Warhammer-mode) with one of the eagles from the Great Eagle-box from The Hobbit-line. Not entirely sure how to fix it to the base, but I'll figure something out - the thing is, though, that it is quite a big little bird, so storing might be a problem... This whole army demands special treatment when it comes to storage, by the way.

Being annoyed every single time I have seen this Ent on his flat 60 mm base I decided to remove the old trunk from his base. In doing so I accidently amputated his heel, it was his Achilles heel, you could say. It has since been fixed with the help of superglue and he is now mounted on a 64 mm base, as the rest of the monsters in this army are and should be.

A crappy homemade bird that acted as a unit-filler/dynamic awesomeness-giver on the main formation of Wood Elves was in turn replaced with the Warhawk that was removed from his role as a single monster-model on a 64 mm base. I think this will look better. The DIY-bird was moved to a dark drawer to await his verdict: The bin or as spare-part model (the wings are nice polyurethane-copies).

 The birds in question...

To mix things up I once again pulled these flockers out of their dark drawer. Inspiration on automatons can be found here (The Sultan's Elephant, a large elephant that holds up to 50 tourists). The Rhûn Automatons are being controlled by a certain War Priest, whose name shall remain unknown at the moment. The left one is just a single monster and the right one will get himself a howdah and some kewl Easterling crew. It seems I will concentrate on these guys in the nearest two or three days. Mainly because I really want to paint these models, I litterary start to salivate when I think of painting them, for some reason...

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