Easterling War Priest for War Automaton

This guy consists of an Easterling kataphrakt weapons arm, a left arm from Perry Miniatures Bows and Bills (IIRC), head from Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansar and the body of a crew-member from a weird WHFB Empire Solar-thingie-vehicle. I was surprised to see that the parts all matched sufficiently well...

Short update today, should probably just add that he is got a tiny humpback not shown here which I think suits my intentions of this model: A slightly older war priest. 
       Sorry about the clichée headscarf - this is such a typical idiot thing to do when modeling something for a fantasy setting: Using cultural arcetypes from our world and apply them on the fantasy setting in question, just due to lack of creativity and lack of understanding how to facet and broaden an imagined culture. For this project though, it felt alright to take a shortcut.

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