Electrical Allergy™

This is not a post relevent to our common wargaming hobby, it is just a little bit on "electrical allergy". Despite numerous tests where these fakers have been exposed as just the lazy hypocondriacs they are, these people still claim their fantasy is true.

Allergy against 12 volts? Yep, that's a thing here in Sweden. Just like going home sick because your cat died or "my boyfriend broke up with me" (these two things actually happened and was not only allowed but almost given a blessing, so to speak, from the bosses at my old job).

Read and weep/laugh. Homepage of their state-funded bullshit with as much intellectual heft as homeopathy.

What these fibromyalgi-people doesn't seem to understand is that heat from electrical appliances is something normal - but not only do they not know this, they take this super-small little inconvenience as something painful! How pampered are not this population?! Get out and live, you idiots, of course you will feel pain if all you do is sit at home and let your husband do everything, or stay in bed all day. Do something, idiot!

What is depicted below might be a hazard to your well-being, but not because you have electrical allergy, but rather you being an idiot. Oh, wait, it is the same thing!

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