Birch leaves plus Rhûn Automaton and Crew.

But first, a little show and tell on the Edheldu project. I have officially put it on hold for a few weeks since I no longer have a place to work on with this project.

I did come a bit down the road with fixing it up but there are so much stuff left to do and fix - especially the paint on the Wood Elves themselves! I even coloured birch leaves for this project so it is still on my radar to get fixed within the end of 2015.

Miniature birch leaves
The usual business: When autumn falls, pun intended, I have been known to collect the seed pod holders for birch, not the actual leaves mind you... but, again, the little thingies that gives the seed a structural strength. As always is with flock and similar tiny things, you put a small amount of colour in a little container, perhaps even diluting it a bit, and then you add a much greater amount of the things you want to get coloured and just mix it and mix it. The flock or, in this case, the birch seed pod holders (let's just call them BSPH) distributes the pigment well enough and the whole mixture is quite dry but coloured in the way you like it after steering it around a bit. After these orange-brown (the look of getting close to decay) leaves were done, I made some angry yellow ones to spread on top of the decaying ones that I will put on strategic places in my Edheldu army.

Rhûn Automaton and Crew have I been tinkering a bit more with and will turn the tusks around and let them act as support to the howdah. Some green stuff was also added to the statue to the right, the Andraug (will get a better name soon), to his bum to be precise... which in turn will be decorated like the Kataphrakt horses' behinds with those little fabric-thingies that looks like dusting thingies. If someone adept at the English language could enlighten me on what these things are called I would be a happier man than I am now, and I am pretty happy already, so... you know...

Not sure if the crew should be integrated into the base or if removable by base or magnetized. Probably magnetized, there's a first for everything, as the maid said to the priest...

Bye, have a beautiful time!

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