Review of Games Workshop's Easterling Kataphrakts

Games Workshop released the plastic Easterling Kataphrakts a few years ago but I didn't bother buying any of the plastics since I already had more than normal an amount of the old metal ones. Perusing figurspel.se I found a box at a very reasonable price and decided to take action.

I did not regret this buy. This is a nice box of cavalry and a better buy than most plastic kits from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings-line, mainly because of the amount of bits - of course not as abundant as a Warhammer Fantasy plastic kit, but very good for the standard set in the LotR-range (R.I.P in pieces LotR-range). The 28 mm models are just barely larger than their metal cousins, which are bigger than the old standard, but the proportions are better. Comparing these to older models from the line will make the new ones look large. Size creep is a thing.
If you have any form of talent for sculpting or conversions, the pieces above can be used to make up to four new models. The figures depicted below are the necessary pieces to make the 6 mounted models you actually pay for, so to speak. You get pieces for a full command (banner, drummer, captain, that is) and then some.

Sadly, even this box that was bought years after the initial release didn't have any noticable mouldlines except on some of the horses' legs. Sadly (?), you say, yes because this leads me to the conclusion that LotR aren't selling very well since the moulds have not been worn down. Not that I know how they actually go about producing their stock, if it is on demand or if they just made a billion boxes and left them in a warehouse someplace... maybe I was just lucky...
    Anyways, if you like LotR and the design from the movies, this box is a must! I kid you not, it is worth it, especially when you are comparing the price to the incredibly stupid prices established for the models from The Hobbit.

5 llamas out 5 llamas. Go and buy it now!

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