Renovation of Mordor, part 1

This is going to be the second largest renovation. Gondor will be the biggest, but since I have some special plans for that army, inspired by mr FoB, I will wait with that particular renovation.

Bleached Bone basecoat and then some highlights in pure white on the pebbles, and after that I wash it with a mixture of brown and black. This army will get a slightly darker wash, I think. The contrast is nonexistant, not that I don't find contrasting colours on armies to look nice, it's just not my way of doing things.
    My Mordor army consists of the following:

- 6 companies of Mordor Orcs with full command. With a bunch of badly done conversions.
- 3 companies of Mordor Orc Archers. Lots of crappy conversions.
- 6 companies of Morannon Orcs, typically split into two formations. Has a Banner Bearer.
- 1 company Morgul Stalkers.
- 6 companies of Warg Riders.
- 3 companies of Hunter Orcs -> will be used as Mordor Orcs, probably.
- 2 Mordor Siege Bows with crew. All homemade. Except the crew.
- 5 Mordor Trolls. Four of them are DIY-projects.
- 1 Mordor Troll Drummer. Homemade.
- 1 Mordor Troll Chieftain. Homemade.
- The Nine (are) Abroad. Not sure if they are called ... "are Abroad" or just "Abroad". All DIY on a nice little special movement tray I had tonnes of fun making.
- 1 Great Beast of Gorgoroth. Homemade, as well as the crew of 9 or something.
- Sauron. In metal, if anyone wondered.

All the models are badly painted. Which leads me into my next phase in this hobby: After I have fixed all the bases and trays on all the armies, I will start fixing up the painting on the worst models. Knowing myself, this will make the ones I today think looks well enough will be needing some paint-love after the first wave of painting-renovation. But I will trick myself into this project, otherwise I will never get it done.

Had I done this Mordor army today, I would have concentrated on it looking good rather than being fixated with the quantity. Still, it looks well enough from a distance, so all is well and so forth.

Lastly, I have been a bit slow on updates and games, in particular, so I think I'll do a Highlights of 2011-2013 blogpost to motivate myself and hopefully offer some eye-candy to you good readers.

Ninja-edit: Welcome new followers! You are loved and appriciated (if that's how you spell it, I have been typing away only in my native language these latest five or six days, so I am already losing the English, that or it may be something serious, he... ).

Ninje-edit 2: After this one, a project that I am anticipating very much will feature, the renovation of the never finished Edheldu army!

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