Simple Orc Conversions

Banner bearers. The original banner bearer I made five years ago didn't age well, so I took a Nurgle Plague Bearer banner (most of that kit was exchanged last year, I do not own any of these well sculpted but disgusting models) and swapped the crappy banner made of PVA+paper with this one. A new banner will be given to the Morannan Orc in the middle of the pack. The old one was just bad.

I am also repainting the whole command group (as you can tell on account of the drummer's weird colouring) and am looking into repositioning the drummer's arms, though he looks okay, I mean, it is not a masterpiece, but I think the model conveys the idea of smashing sticks onto a drumskin...
      Games Wok-shop released a new miniature that is riding santa's sleigh.

Games Wok shop, producing the finest red curry woks since 1986.

Of course, this Llama will buy this stupid kit because he is in love with howdahs and chariots and the like:

We can all just take for granted that the sleigh is as big as your liver, but hey, hey, with some work I think I might be able to replace my Swan Sky Chariot's vessel with this one. The wolves could be modified into some huge Lord of the Rings beasts of some kind... The rider will go either left or right, so to speak (extermination via the bin or for spare parts).

It can go either way...

I have been looking at old paintings from sieges and medieval military installations as well as chariots and howdahs to get some ideas for the Rhûn Automatons, and I found this famous picture from the siege of Orleans (yes, I missed an axang grave or cursive there - it is the same thing with the pointless use of roof-axang (acutes) and other little signs that no one cares about when GW named their different LotR models, like Amdûr and Khârna - it is a hassle to press those two extra buttons and I never use those signs) and these three guys just cracks me up; it is like "yeah, sieges aren't that bad actually - I kind of like this... ".

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  1. Love the conversions the warhamer banners are stronger than the LOTR ones and should last.

  2. Thanks! Perhaps the banner's pole-head is a tad too large... but it still is better than the skinny, old one.

    1. The orcs look good, but I agree i think the banner pole is just a little too tall, otherwise, great. Poor Guinea pig (or whatever it was), - first rodent into orbit perhaps? ;-)

    2. Haha, according to the story behind, the creature was in fact catched by the woman/girl.

      I shall see what can be done with the banner pole.

  3. @Robert: If you read this, I should add that I am somewhat interested in the background-writing project posted on your blog, though not via the mecenate-system, but in another way - however, since I do not use Google+ (for various reasons) I cannot communicate this. I hope you read this.