28 mm lions, the continuation

Shaved off the man-made parts on the WHFB-lion and now it looks more suited for my purposes.

Added some green stuff on the warg-lion. The images here does it no good - it looks quite alright in real life. The voters have decided on which one to use as a unit upgrade for one of the Easterling formations:

WHFB-lion: 2
Warg-conversion-lion: 2

Which means I'll use both. I was going to use my vote to weigh the decision to either end, but decided to go with the people's vote instead. The smaller conversion will be used in the formation and the WHFB-lion will be used as either a separate beast or a filler with two handlers, on a 40 mm base - it will be crowded but it could potentially look quite alright...

That's all for today, I bid you farewell gentlemen!

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