Easterling Phalanx, phase II

Here we have a little Easterling phalanx consisting of 20 warrior models on 25 mm bases and 1 base with a lion and a handler (also a warrior). Of the 20 warrior models we have ALL the command for the whole Rhûn army so the feeling of a spear-wall isn't as strong as it could be. Command consists of: Two banner bearers (which I suppose is illegal in WotR - two BB's in one formation), one captain, a drummer, Amdûr, War Priest and some not-so-well converted archers into spearmen. The command were added for show. In-game I might use a musician and a captain (at a slightly lower points cost than the original WotR-rules).

Painting: They need a little wash and then some highlighting of the armour. The banners need a lot of work before done. The trays were hastily basecoated and sanded so I could get the formation up - they will be treated the same way as the bases:

1) Sand.
2) Painted with slightly diluted Citadel Bleached Bone.
3) Highlighted with Citadel Ceramite White.
4) A wash of highly diluted Coat d'Arms Barbarian Leather.
5) Let dry.
6) A wash of even more diluted Coat d'Arms 102 Black.

They will get some of the rather tall dead grass I have and perhaps some sticks and other dead vegetation. Colour-clicks will consist of wargear of fallen enemy warriors.

Some verdigris may be added to the armour. Not sure about this yet.
     When all of the above have been done, phase three is done and I will continue with either the cataphracts or the swordsmen...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great to see some more advanced basing. I agree on the banners -- they are so prominent with those sizes that you need them to look really good to match the rest.

  2. The basing is ready, more or less. My dayjob is currently quite obtrusive and hinders me from updating here as well as stops me from finishing this project.

    In regards to the banners, I will try to come up with something along these lines: Lion, snake (although Harad's copyrighted snakes I think it might work), patterns, something with dragons/wyrms. I will try to avoid scorpions...

    Do you happen to have any suggestions?

    I wish you a happy fun time, good day to you mr FoB.