Reworking Rhûn - Phase three

As phase three has begun, I am slowly starting to look at the next project, which in all likelyhood will be the Edheldu/Lorien/Wood Elf army...
     Renovation of the Easterling and Khand army have progressed well within the time frame I decided on. This little post will help me to stay on track and finish all the little extras and details still missing on every formation slash regiment.

Quite obvious what's needs be doing here: The trays... and some less obvious decoration of the swordsmen's bases.

The same Easterling swordsmen regiment again, but in the acceptable company of a formation of Easterling archers. They are kept as they are for two reasons:

1) They are needed for the legal composition of the army (lots of charioteers that are rare and as we all know, the ratio of common versus rare/legendary needs to be balanced).
2) There are enough of half-assed converted Easterling archers in this army as it is...

Of the two smallish formations above I have only sort-of finished painting the swordsmen. I don't think there's enough energy left in me to repaint the archers... We'll see where it ends with that one...

A bunch of Easterling cataphracts. I need to make four new trays and put some battle-related things on these, basecoat and sand and paint and etc... And when that's done I'll finally start repainting the cataphracts themselves.

Khandish contingent. The one-company formation of Khandish warriors are used as a common filler to allow for more charioteers to be legally fielded. Some decoration of [charioteer] large bases are left to be done - as well as painting some sort of simple symbol on ALL the banners!

Easterling phalanx. Shown before... nothing new to say about them except they miss three guys to be a full three company formation that I want. Oh, the dude holding the lion need a little chain to control the beast! Mustn't forget that one!

Khandish horsemen. These need some spicing up. And they trays will get some extra love. Notice the Easterling helmet, a good little detail methinks, but I'm running out of bits - I don't want to spam the trays with the same types of shields and a bunch of ivory tusks, so currently I am filing on some ideas regarding this.
      And lastly, our good friend Crazy King in good company of Amdûr and two banner bearers. Their bannes are for some reason flying in two different directions. Idiotic.
     As mr FoB and I exchanged some thoughts on this I am determined to really try to make something nice on the three main banners in this army. I will really have to plan it, otherwise it'll just turn out shait...

That's all for this Friday. Hopefully I'll finish most of this project (except the cataphract trays) tomorrow and can post something on it. See you!

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